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Kemp Agencies is pleased to announce our partnering with TRU CLEAN, Hygiene Specialists.

TRU CLEAN, is an Australian manufacturer of cleaning products, many of which are septic safe, phosphorus free, biodegradable and environmentally safe. These products service highly specialised markets such as educational facilities, food production, healthcare, hospitality, retirement living and commercial cleaning.

TRU CLEAN manufactures  an extensive range of hygiene solutions from air freshners, disinfectants, floor cleaners, spray + wipe, hand santisers, truck wash to mention just a few.

Kemp Agencies supplies and installs dispensing equipment for use in kitchens and housekeeping areas. This enables dilution of liquid product at correct concentrations.

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BioGone is an alternative to plastic packaging products. BioGone has been specially forumlated to breakdown in landfill with out creating plastic particual residue instead breaking down into organic matter.

BioGone products include cling wrap, produce/freezer bags, press seal bags, packing tape, industrial pallet wrap just to name a few.