Kemp Agencies Philosophy

Materials like palm, sugar cane, jute, corn starch, hessian, biodegrading additives in plastics, cardboard and paper from renewable sources, form part of our stock range.

Our major suppliers follow this environmental responsibility in their product offerings and demonstrate their social commitment with memberships of broader organizations like the Australian Packaging Covenant.

Through our direct customer contacts, with sales staff ,travelling to customers’ work places, our personal understanding of their needs, are better meet .Prompt delivery and following up requests or sourcing new product ,become an important role that Kemp Agencies provide.

Living, working and employing local people, mean that our supply network to foster the growth of this area, is important to our operations. Hence appropriate donations, sponsorships and support of different local sport, schools and charities are made. This support for our local region is further encouraged through our business directory complied of many small business operators, who are customers.

Our philosophy is also based on innovation and adaptability, seeking new product lines, or ways of engaging our customers, through the web site improvements and online ordering.