Kemp Agencies provides a customised product service to ensure that your packaging uniquely identifies your company. By custom printing your bags, you have every customer walking from your shop doing your advertising for you. Having your bags printed frees up the time you or your staff might spend attaching stickers or rubber-stamping. It also provides a more professional look to your bags.

Kemp Agencies can print just 1 box of bags at a time, eliminating any storage problems for you. If you wish to alter the design, this can easily be done at an additional cost.

The first order placed will take approximately 14 days from approval of the artwork. Subsequent orders will take 10 to 14 days.

Additional to the cost of your bags: Add 42c per colour per side per bag.

  • There is a once only charge for artwork and screens etc at approximately AUD $110.00;
  • Contact us for a quote on printing each side of your bags with colour.


We can develop artwork based on your company logo for printing onto plastic, paper or non-woven bags.

We can also design your cartons, dividers and other packaging and have it printed to your requirements. Or how about printed tape and balloons that advertise your company?

To obtain a quote from us, simply contact us on: +61 2 6621 8666 during business hours to speak with one of our sales staff.